How to Fix ThopTV buffering problem

We know that ThopTV is a video streaming application, where users can watch their favorite channels free of cost. ThopTV provides good quality video streaming services to its users but an issue, which is quite common among all users, which is buffering. 

We all have faced the buffering issue many times while watching videos. ThopTV is also a video streaming application and many users are facing the buffering issue while watching their favorite channel. If you are also facing buffering issues then don’t worry, we will give you some tips through which the ThopTV buffering problem will get solved. 

How to Fix ThopTV buffering problem?

So here are some methods through which you can solve the buffering issues on the ThopTV application. 

 Quit the background apps

It is quite necessary to quit the background apps if you want to watch ThopTV videos without buffering because the other apps consume extra bandwidth and resources that run in the background and make a buffering start in playing the videos. So always keep in mind that you have to close all the other apps when you are doing Live Streaming on ThopTV, it will be helpful for you to watch videos without any interruption or buffering. 

Restart the application

As it happens, when we are running an application and some problem encounters without knowledge of that. This can be an unknown problem and fixing it is quite necessary to watch videos without buffering on ThopTV. So if any problem encounters, then close down the application immediately and restart it after doing all the background apps close. It will be helpful for you to watch ThopTV videos without any buffering. 

Reduce the quality of the video

This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of buffering problems on the ThopTV application. You will get an option in the settings, there you can reduce the quality of videos by setting it to the normal. Reducing the quality of the video can decrease the bandwidth and your buffering issues will get solved. You can also increase the quality of the video but it will be quite tough for the users to play video in high quality. As there will be more chances of buffering. 

Use it in a less busy time

We all know that most traffic comes at the time of the evening and there are a lot of chances to start buffering videos on ThopTV at that time. So we will recommend watching videos at a less busy time or when there are less active people on the Internet. You have to wait for some time if you want an unstoppable video streaming service on ThopTV. 

Update the App

It is a common thing that if you have not updated your ThopTV app to the latest version then you may face various types of issues including buffering. An app always requires an update from time to time for performing accurately. So if you are facing the issues of buffering on the ThopTV application then check for the new updates or change the settings of your phone to automatic update of apps when it requires. 


So these are the fixes that you need to do when you are facing buffering issues on your ThopTV application. Buffering is a common issue that is faced by many people and it is necessary to implement these methods to get rid of the buffering issues.  

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