How to Fix Hotstar blocked you on ThopTV

ThopTV is getting too much popularity, as they are providing live TV channels without charging any fees. They are providing good quality videos on their platform. Its craze increased because of the IPL. No one wants to miss IPL because we have not seen cricket for a long time and ThopTV is the only application or server, who is providing IPL streaming channels free of cost.

Hotstar has also started the premium pack for watching IPL and that’s why there is only a platform who is providing content without charging fees. 

Why ThopTV Hotstar is not working?

As we have already said that Hotstar had started charging services for live streaming of the IPL and ThopTV is the only possible alternative for watching the IPL, where users can also save the video for a watch later. But just a few days ago, a message appears to the ThopTV users on their mobile screen that ThopTV Hotstar has blocked you. It means now users will not be able to have an experience of the IPL on ThopTV. 

After this message, the users are very disappointed because now they will not be able to watch a live match on ThopTV. Now they have to pay some amount for watching the live streaming IPL on their phones. We don’t know the actual reason for this ban but from the resources, we got some information. Now we will tell you what was the actual reason for this ban.

Reason of Hoststar Blocked you on ThopTV

No one knows the actual reason for this ban but when we have asked the ThopTV team about banning the Hotstar on ThopTV. They said that this can be the act of some people. Some people had posted on Twitter by tagging the Star India’s Official. Maybe, it happens, that Hotstar team has viewed those messages or tweets and now blocked the users.

Hotstar had banned many IP addresses on their server to block the users and it is expected that now Hotstar will not be the part of ThopTV again. Now users have to search for the alternative of ThopTV on the Internet and from my knowledge, there is not any other application where users can watch the live streaming channels without paying a single penny. 

If you are also looking for the other alternatives then we will recommend to clear the cache of your ThopTV app and uninstall its previous or old version, then download the latest version of ThopTV from their official website. Yes it is not a proper solution for your problem but you can watch Star Sports 1 Hindi and its HD channels on Hotstar. Still, if you are unable to watch these channels then don’t worry, you need to use VPN and start streaming these services without any worries. After this incident, many people are asking, when Hotstar will come back to ThopTV, so our answer is that there are very less chances of Hotstart came again to ThopTV. 

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