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Kronten Gaming also known as Chetan Chandgude is a live streamer on YouTube with over 1.84 million subscribers. He streams the game “PUBG Mobile” on his channel every day two times (morning and evening).

Kronten Gaming Biography

Kronten Gaming real name is Chetan Chandgude and he was born in Pune, India. He is of 22 years old. His exact date of birth is 8th May 1997. He streamed PUBG Mobile on his channel for the first time on Mar 4, 2018. Since then, he started streaming the game almost every day and his channel started to grow at a high pace.

Before Kronten Gaming, Chethan had another channel named “Godlike Esports” which currently has 117k subscribers. In this channel, Kronten used to upload the gameplay of one of the most popular mobile game “Clash of Clans”.

Unlike most of the PUBG Mobile players, Kronten doesn’t play the game camping till the last zone, he doesn’t play the game for rankings. Rush Gameplay is his type of gameplay.

Kronten is the 4th biggest YouTube streamer in India. After Dynamo GamingCarryisLive, and MortaL. He hit 100k subscribers last year on 20 Sep 2018 and didn’t stop there itself, he continued to provide quality gameplay and gained a huge audience.

Kronten Gaming Earnings 

Kronten gets a lot of Money from Super chat, Membership, Donations, and many more ways. He gets easily earnings from Google, but Membership is not easy and donations will vary with time. According to socialblade and Noxinfluencer website, Kronten Gaming Average 510K view of one day and He Earns $100-$150 through ads on his videos and live streams in one day . on Average He earns $2.8k – $28k in the one month, these are just his earnings through Ads and Superchat, sponsored post and Donations get his more money.

Kronten Gaming Biography

Kronten Gaming Sensitivity setting:

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Kronten Gaming’s Populer video on his Channel

The Most populer video of Kronten is “OMG 6 FLARE GUN AND 10 AIRDROP IN ONE GAME HOW? | BEST MOMENT IN PUBG MOBILE”.  This video has over 5.4M views. in this video he get 6 flare air drops in singal game.

Facts about Kronten Gaming

  • The most popular video on his YouTube channel is “OMG 6 FLARE GUN AND 10 AIRDROP IN ONE GAME HOW?”. The video has over 5.7 million views. In the video, he was able to get 6 flare air drops in one game.
  • After the Pulwama attack, Kronten did a charity stream and donated all the money collected through donations to families of soldiers. He donated an amount of Rs. 2,20,000.
  • He was the anchor for the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship series which took place last year.
  • His GodL Team won PMCO WINNER 2020 🏆.
  • He recently met the DJ Alan Walker


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