How to fix ZIP file corrupt error in TWRP

To use third-party firmware like kernels, mods, or custom ROMs, there is an open-source system Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), that allows all Android users to use its services. It provides a touchscreen interface. TWRP allows performing many functions like taking full backups, portion-wise editing or formatting, and so on. When you need to flash, or root Android device then TWRP is installed.

It allows users to delete the files, whenever they are causing some problem and errors. Also, allows us to take the full back up of the device whenever required. TWRP consists of a full theme and allows us to transfer files via different transfer modes. A recent version of TWRP has allowed users to choose the apps of their choice without any term and condition.

The latest version of TWRP is released as TWRP 3.4.0-0, with so many new features. TWRP 3.4 is a boom in the market. It has come with so many advanced and noticeable features.

  • Better for running Android 10.
  • For the TWRP installer ZIP file, there is a new template.
  • For Redmi and Oppo devices, it allows the flashing of OZIP firmware.
  • Sensor bugs caused by TWRP are also fixed with its help.
  • It also supports System-as-Root (SAR) layout.
  • Xposed Modules are very easily used.
  • Images can be flashed easily.

Through this article, we are going to tell you how to fix ZIP file corrupt TWRP and we will also give you its solution. But before that, you need to learn some basics of TWRP.

You need to unlock the boot loader before you install TWRP on the device. TWRP allows you to use the latest Android OS. To modify applications like linkage, you can install custom ROM, with the help of TWRP recovery. Also, you can root your smartphone, but before that, you have to access TWRP. And if you are getting the error while flashing the TWRP recovery image, then you have to sort the error first before proceeding.

Since working with TWRP is very beneficial, but it gives so many errors and issues if not used properly in a systematic manner. So many errors occur while working on TWRP like:

  • Cannot load twrp.img
  • Error of LineageOS OTA update modem version
  • While installing gapps Error 70
  • After restoring backups the PIN error.
  • Unable to mount.
  • Zip file corrupt error.




When you install the ZIP file, sometimes TWRP gives an error, Zip file is corrupt. Many of us wipe so many things, but nothing happens. Wiping things doesn’t solve the issue. This issue can be resolved in the following ways:

  • Re-downloading the file is required.
  • Check if there is any corruption or not while transferring the file.
  • According to the architecture of your phone, download the correct Gapps.
  • Your while storage is faulty if all the Zip files are corrupt.
  • To resolve the error of the Zip file corruption, you need to use the repair function.

By applying all the above steps, the Zip file corruption error can be resolved and you can use TWRP very easily and efficiently.

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