How to Fix Google Meet microphone not working

Google Meet is a very popular video conferencing application, where users can do their office meetings with video calls. It is just like the Zoom application but sometimes users have to face issues of microphone not working. That’s why today in this article, we will tell you how to fix the Google Meet microphone not working. So here we go –

How to Fix Google Meet microphone not working

1. Access to Microphone

As we know that most web browsers don’t allow or block microphone access by default due to some privacy issues. So you need to allow the microphone in your browser settings or you have to permit to use the microphone. So if you are using the Chrome browser then you need to click on the padlock shaped icon, which is located at the left side of the address bar. You will get the microphone option, just allow it to get the access microphone on Google Meet. 

2. Choose the preferred microphone

Sometimes users plug different microphones into PC or Mac and our operating system saves that input option. So Google Meet may choose different microphone that is not connected at that time. At that time, the users have to choose the specific microphone that is connected and it will happen by changing the settings. Users have to open the Google Meet application and then tap on the menu bar and then tap on the settings options. Now under the Audio section, you will get an option of microphone, just tap on it, and choose the microphone that is connected at that time. Then tap on done to save the settings. 

3. Increase the volume input

There can also a reason that the volume of your system is low and it is unable to catch your voice and that’s why you are facing the issue of the microphone not working. It is necessary to increase the volume input and for that, you have to increase the volume to connect the microphone. 

You have to open the Windows settings and then click on the system and then click on the sound option. Then in the related settings option, just click on the Sound control panel option. Now you have to switch to the recording tab and then select your connected microphone and tap on the properties option at the below side. Now you have to switch to the levels option in the Microphone tab. Then move the slider to the higher to increase the volume.

4. Use Troubleshoot

You can also try troubleshooting if you are using it in Windows10. As it comes with a built-in troubleshoot, which will help you to fix the microphone issues. So you don’t have to worry if all the other methods are not working. The troubleshooter can detect the problem and can fix it with ease. You just have to do some process. You have to go to the Windows settings and then move to the system option and click on the sound option. After that, scroll down below, and choose your preferred microphone. Then tap on the Troubleshoot option, if there are any issues with your microphone then it will fix it and you will not have to face issues again. 


So these are the tips that you can use to fix the Google Meet microphone not working. All the above methods are working, you can try any of the methods to fix the error. Still, if you.have any doubts then you can tell us in the comment section. 

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