Fmwhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version Official 2023

Fmwhatsapp apk is the most useful app for WhatsApp users. As FM WhatsApp can help you to get a second whatsapp and you can easily use more than one WhatsApp using fmwhatsapp and gbwhatsapp. You can parallelly use FM WhatsApp and gbwhatsapp or any other mod whatsapp on same phone with a lot of additional features.

Fm Whatsapp Apk Download

App Name FM WhatsApp
Category Communication
Official Version 9.45
Size 54MB
Last Update Today
Website WCDG.NET

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What is Fmwhatsapp?

Have you ever heard about a modified app of WhatsApp that provides more extensive features than WhatsApp? 

If not, don’t worry; today, we are providing you with a depth review of FMWhatsapp, a Mod Apk of the original WhatsApp. Here, this article will cover everything to make things simple for you. So, tighten your seat belt, and let’s enjoy the drive.

As we know, today, we live in a modern era where people love to communicate through messaging apps on their smartphones. WhatsApp is the king of all apps, which provides ultra-security to any messaging. 

Furthermore, we are familiar with human nature, where people’s desires are unlimited, and we want more. That’s why some companies are creating apps like WhatsApp, which provides additional features. Let us know more about it.

What is FMWhatsapp Apk?

FM WhatsApp is a trendy Mod application of WhatsApp. Therefore, the app is motivated to provide some fantastic features which are not available with the official WhatsApp. 

It helps to eliminate WhatsApp limitations and restrictions on over-usage. Moreover, they also provide more privacy and Customization features with their app. 

Well, this app is not available on Play Store because it doesn’t follow certain guidelines. That’s why users need to download it from some other sources. They have some amazing features that any other app is unable to provide, so it can be a great option to choose FMWhatsapp over other apps. 

But here, users must ensure they cannot use this app with the official WhatsApp. There is some security concern in FMWhatsapp, but the developers are continuously working to resolve it. Let us know about some popular features of this app.

Features of FMWhatsapp-

FMWhatsapp allows you to hire your online status, which is the best feature of this app. Let us know some more – 

# Customization

The Customization feature allows users to change the default look of WhatsApp’s green color. Users can change this color by adding different themes at their convenience. As it can accept more than thousands of themes. 

Furthermore, users can also change the app’s icons by changing its graphics and colors to make it look more interactive.

# Privacy

Privacy is one of the best features of this app we have ever seen. Here, users can enhance their privacy by hiding their online status, blue ticks, and double ticks so that the delivery status will stay private always.

Apart from that, users can also deactivate the video calling features, which was impossible in the original version of WhatsApp. Users can also add an app lock by adding a password in the app to secure data more efficiently. 

# Media Sharing

We know that WhatsApp is a great application, but we don’t like its Media Sharing feature because of many restrictions in sharing files.

But FMWhatsapp is free from all the hassles, and here users can share more than 30 images at once and a file of up to 700 MB.

The file can be anything, whether you want to share audio, video, document, or whatever you want. You can share everything without any issues. 

# Regular Updates

The developers of FMWhatsapp are desperate to provide their users with the best features of this app. That’s why they update the features frequently to give the best user experience. 

As we know that the app is unavailable on the Play Store due to some security reasons, you can visit our website for regular updates. 

# Other Features

Many features can maximize your experience of using this app. For example, users can pin up to 100 chats, 3 in the official version. 

There is a filter option in which you can adjust the settings and allow only specific people to call you. 

The sender cannot delete the message, and you can check them anytime. 

You don’t even need to root your device to use this app. 

Download FMWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

We hope that you have understood the features of FMWhatsapp; now is the right time to download the latest version of this app. Below, we have given the download link, so download it. 

Many apps like FMWhatsapp are available on the internet with different compatibilities, but FMWhatsapp is quite different and provides advanced features. 

You need to disable the original WhatsApp to use this app. If you don’t know how to download it, then stay with us; we have given the complete guide below. Here is the download link –

Download Fmwhatsapp Apk

How to install FM Whatsapp Apk

  • First, disable the official WhatsApp from the main settings on your Android device.
  • Now tap on the above link to download the FM Whatsapp Apk file.
  • Once it gets downloaded, you need to go to the download folder in your browser and install the file.
  • But before that, you need to visit the main settings, tap on the Security option, and enable the option of installing apps from unknown resources. 
  • Now just come back and install FMWhatsapp on your device. 
  • Once it is done, register your account with your mobile number and enjoy its unique features. 

That’s it.


That’s all about FMWhatsapp Apk, as we have explained this app’s features. Now, you can download it easily without any hassles. We hope that this article remains helpful for you. 


  1. Is FM Whatsapp safe?

Ans. Yes, FMWhatsapp is a safe and secure application that users can operate without hassles.

2. Can I use FMWhatsapp for every Android device?

Ans. Yes, FMWhatsapp can efficiently operate on Android with version 4.4 or above. Moreover, you can also use it on your PC by downloading Android Emulator software.

  1. How can I update FM WhatsApp?

Ans. Updating the FMWhatsapp has the same process just as installing it. So you should visit our website frequently to check whether a new update has come. 

  1. What if I ban FM WhatsApp ban my account?

Ans. If your account is banned on FMWhatsapp, then the best option will be to uninstall this app and install the official Whatsapp version.  

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